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Mindfulness Coaching


Mindfulness Coaching is a coaching method approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 


It is a professional relationship established between the coach and the client. Working with a coach supports you on your journey to knowing yourself, recognizing your values and resources, setting your goals and correct action steps towards them. Sometimes it helps you bridge the gap between knowing and doing. 


We also benefit from meditative areas while looking at certain issues in life through individual sessions. We use an internationally valid coaching method and steps to map these areas.

Sessions are held online or face to face. A session takes about 60-75 minutes on average. In the sessions, we present life coaching techniques by combining mindfulness and meditative techniques. Thus, we benefit from the calming nervous system of the client and the calming inner voice as well as the cognitive side. 


With mindfulness coaching sessions, the client:


  • knows himself better.

  • sets his goals and takes permanent steps on the way to those goals.

  • discovers and realizes his own resources and potential.

  • sets his goals with mind-body balance.

  • By raising awareness, becomes easier to reach their goals.

  • focuses on continuing the tiny steps he takes in his life.

  • acquires a habit of meditation that will contribute to his mental, physical and spiritual health throughout his life.

  • transforms the quality of life and the way of being.



If you want to experience a transformation in your life, request a preliminary interview by clicking the button on the side.

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